Fire sprinkler systems have been required for years by local codes and ordinances because they provide relatively simple, extremely reliable, affordable fire protection. Local and State codes can be conflicting at times, however, the ultimate goal of the mandates is to ensure acceptable life-safety standards for all occupants of your building.


Rather than look at sprinklers as "extras" in terms of cost, building owners should be looking at sprinkler systems as excellent investments opportunities. Fire sprinklers lower the overall cost of owning and maintaining a building. With tax incentives and insurance discounts, not to mention the actual savings of lives and property not lost to a fire, sprinklers help save building owners hundreds of millions of dollars every year in the United States.

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Rockland Fire Protection offers solutions for your fire protection needs. Keeping your business safe from the unexpected is important. Rockland Fire Protection has helped homeowners and businesses for years with all types of fire safety mechanisms and system solutions. Whether you need design, engineering, installation, or inspections, Rockland Fire can do it all at a price that fits your budget. We strive to complete the work you need on time and with unmatched customer service.

Cold Weather Alert! The most important step in maintaining a sprinkler system during the winter months is also the simplest: KEEP THE HEAT ON. National building codes recommend that a sprinklered room be maintained at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer to avoid freeze-ups. Go below that and you're flirting with disaster. Without heat, any sprinkler system can freeze.



Rockland Fire Protection has a proud tradition of excellence in the fire safety industry. We put 30 years of knowledge and technical know-how to work to ensure you get the exceptional results you demand for your fire sprinkler system needs.  Our team of fire sprinkler and Standpipe specialists take pride in designing and installing the appropriate sprinkler system for you. You can rest assured you will see the results you are expecting. Services we provide are:


  • New Commercial

  • Retro-Fit Commercial

  • Complete System Renovation

  • Head Relocation

  • Clean agent systems for server and UPS rooms, such as Novec 1230, Halon, and FM 200

  • ESFR high capacity, a versatile method of protecting High Piled Storage which eliminates the hassle of in-rack sprinklers

  • Quarterly and Annual Sprinkler System Inspections

  • Wet and Dry Internal Inspections

  • Backflow Inspections

  • Standpipe Flow Tests

  • Many, Many more


Contractors: We work as a team in order to provide a coordinated effort in completing the entire project on or before schedule, helping clients obtain their certificate of occupancy.  Systems Designed Include:


  • Wet Systems
  • Dry Systems

A sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers that are attached to a piping system that contains water and connected to a water supply so that water discharges immediately from sprinklers opened by heat from a fire

  • Pre-Action Systems

A sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers that are attached to a piping system that contains air that might or might not be under pressure, with a supplemental detection system installed in the same areas as the sprinklers.

  • Antifreeze Loops

A wet pipe sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers that are attached to a piping system that contains an antifreeze solution and that are connected to a water supply. The antifreeze solution is discharged, followed by water, immediately upon operation of sprinklers opened by heat from a fire.

  • Special Hazard Systems

Suppression systems that are designed for a specific application utilizing certain inert gases. These type of systems are mostly seen in computer server rooms or in small areas where water is not desirable.

A sprinkler system employing automatic sprinklers that are attached to a piping system containing air or nitrogen under pressure, the release of which (as from the opening of a sprinkler) permits the water pressure to open a valve known as a dry pipe valve, and the water then flows into the piping system and out the opened sprinkler.

  • Deluge Systems

A sprinkler system employing open sprinklers that are attached to a piping system that is connected to a water supply through a valve that is opened by the operation of a detection system installed in the same areas as the sprinklers. When this valve opens, water flows into the piping system and discharges from all sprinklers attached thereto.

  • Fire Pumps and Controllers

A device that is connected between the inlet side of the fire water line and sprinkler riser. It is driven either by an electric or diesel powered motor. Fire Pumps are installed where the water pressure in a given area is not sufficient for a properly designed sprinkler system.

All of our technicians have years of fire protection experience under their belts, and have all certifications necessary to work in the Lower Hudson Valley.  Rockland Fire Protection is fully insured, so you can trust that your business is covered for years to come. We are NFPA compliant and work with local fire inspectors to make sure all of our work is to local government code. Whether its new construction, or retro fitting an old building, You can trust Rockland Fire Protection to get the job done right, the first time, everytime.